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Dr. Angela M Campbell is a counselor, author and motivational speaker that offers monthly podcasts for people to help overcome their daily life challenges.

Since 2018, with insightful and uplifting tales of overcoming adversity, we are inspiring our audiences to dream big and achieve success. 

Areas of Expertise

Being a counseling professor for over 15 years, Dr. Angela M Campbell shares stories and perspectives that offer hope which empower people to achieve personal success.



Find hope and strategies to improve your relationships.



Find ways to optimize your life potential fully.

Dr. Angela M Cambell


Find strategies to transform the way you think and act, which ultimately has a positive impact on your health.

My Book

This is a compilation of true stories from Christian couples and serves as inspiration to those experiencing the pressure and tension of waiting on love, fighting for love, and recovering from the loss of love. With this book I share inspirational, transparent stories that will give you hope for your own journey in love.

God Did It 3D

Podcast & Blogs

Dr. Angela M Campbell and her guest offer their expertise through transparent monthly podcasts and blogs which features a wide range of real-time stories of people overcoming challenges in health, relationships and daily life. From years of experience, Dr. Angela M Campbell shares Hope Keys to help you overcome your challenges. Search the podcast and blogs for advice and a quick shot of hope and encouragement for your life.