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My book is called “God Did It! Answered Prayers for Love and Marriage.” 


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What others are saying:

“This book is very relatable. I bought my book at our church bookstore. At first, I thought I was just buying it to support Dr. Campbell because my husbands deceased now and I am alone. As I read, I realized that the stories were very diverse and everyone could find something in at least one of the stories in which they could relate. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs hope for a seemingly dead relationship. The stories remind us that there is One who cares for us and will intervene in our lives if we trust Him. It’s a worthwhile read.” –  Pam. P.

“It was a most interesting and well-written book. I got three people purchasing the book. I will definitely be reading it again. Thank you for writing this book.”  – Sara J.

“I read this book in 2 days. As a divorced person it gave me hope and insight. It encouraged my heart and showed me the ministry of transparency. I see the fruit in telling your story and I’m eager to give marriage a Try Again. Thanks, Angela for writing these stories. Forever Grateful / I look forward to the Series. I am a Believer God will Do it Again as he is no respecter of Persons!” – ?Amazon Reader

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